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Marine Motors
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Jual Marine Motors

Spesifikasi Marine Motors

General description

Specially designed for use on ships below deck and for the offshore industry, our marine motors meet the requirements of the leading classification authorities and have type-test certificates up to 200 kW output. 
Especially for on-deck use on ships, we offer our special range of motors for on-deck applications; these continue to run perfectly even after being completely immersed by a wave.

Technical data overview

Brief overview

Voltage and power ranges:

0.37 kW - 1250 kW All commonly used voltages

Frame sizes and designs:

63 M - 450 All common construction types

Rated speed and rated torque:

750 - 3600 min -1
0.61 - 10300 Nm

Approvals for marine drives:

ABS, BV, DNV, GL, LR, RINA (Below deck operation) 


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